Tcha Limberger


CONCERT REVIEW – Kalotaszeg Trio – Kwadratuur

04.08.2010 – Sfinks Mixed

‘The first highlight of the closing day was Tcha Limberger with his Kalotaszeg Trio.
The Gypsy of Bruges delved deeply into the traditional music of the Kalotaszeg region of Transylvania and that was what he represented in the Clubtent. With some explanation, he guided his audience through the repertoire, supported by his Romanian sidemen.
Due to the content of the concert – suites/sets with about 4 dances or songs, always quicker – the whole missed now and then a little bow of tension.
The vocal style was rather classical: Limberger showed what he is worth as a virtuoso on the violin, while the viola and the doublebass were the strong basis. This seems easier than it is, certainly when the audience by their hundreds are clapping the wrong tempo!’


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