Tcha Limberger



01.06.2018 Trio Tatavla – Tatavla

Tcha Limberger goes to Greece and embraces a lost music of Istanbul.

‘Tatavla was, it appears, a neighbourhood in Istanbul where the Greek speaking community once performed much music, especially songs that celebrated the Byzantine tradition of wine songs. This musical genre seemingly existed pre-rembetiko and thus is largely forgotten today in a Greece that prefers to erase any connection to a time when Asia Minor was a blend of Orthodox and Muslim communities who shared music and food and much else. Tcha Limberger, the polymath Belgian fiddler whose versatility has found him mastering Gypsy jazz, Transylvanian folk and the long forgotten Budapest Magyar Nota music, digs into tatavla music with Greek accordionist Dimos Vougioukas and Belgian guitarist Benjamin Clement. The 12 numbers here are largely instrumental – Limberger sings on occasion, his voice is adequate yet less impressive than his fiddling – and find the fiddle and accordion locked into a sublime duet of sorts as they push and pull the music every which way (guitar is largely an accompanying rhythm instrument here). I can’t claim any prior knowledge of tatavla music but what’s here, acoustic and superbly recorded, has a fresh, vivacious feel to it, Trio Tatavla adding atmosphere and dynamic to the day. Anyone interested in music from the Balkans/Asia Minor will find Tatavla an inspired, very enjoyable album.’

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