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CD REVIEW – Les Violons de Bruxelles – The World Music Report

16.01.2013 – Les Violons de Bruxelles ‘Tcha Limberger is one of those rare virtuoso musicians who also happens to be a multi-instrumentalist, playing among others, the guitar and violin, with unbridled genius. He is also a fabulous composer and an ethnomusicologist who recently walked in the footsteps of Bela Bartok[…]

CD REVIEW – Hermann Schamp and Tcha Limberger duo – allaboutjazz.com

16.05.2011 Standards by Hermann Schamp and Tcha Limberger duo ‘Sometimes it takes critics and serious listeners of music a few extra revolutions of the earth to catch onto the art of certain musicians. The stunning repertoire of the young Gypsy multi-instrumentalist and composer, Tcha Limberger is a case in point.[…]