Tcha Limberger


CD REVIEW – Budapest Gypsy Orchestra – Moors magazine

06.05.2009 – Bura Termett Ido

‘Tcha Limberger was born into a family of Belgium Manouche musicians, his father a guitarist, his grandfather a violinist. He started as a guitarist as he was very much touched by flamenco, later to banjo, clarinet and later, after hearing the Hungarian Gypsy music of Toki Horvath, to violin. That’s why he went to Budapest, learned Hungarian and took lessons with Bela Horvath for a year and a half. The result is that now there is a CD. One can hear that Limberger passionately searches for tradition but his musical background is clearly present, even though he plays the music he loves in it’s purest form. One can hear he also loves jazz and flamenco – not immediately, but the music Limberger makes with this Budapest Gypsy orchestra is impregnated with all his musical experiences. Bura termett ido, is his first album, was live recorded in the UK, with the best Hungarian Gypsy musicians and you can’t possibly imagine the traditional Hungarian Gypsy music played in a more impassioned way. Here, the tradition is given a new birth, the new elements although hardly noticeable always are present. The virtuosity and passion are undeniable facts. Tcha Limberger plays with such love for the tradition one can only sit and listen entirely fascinated. Tcha Limberger is a name one should keep on following.’


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