Tcha Limberger


Limberger, Clement, Csikos • Art Base

  • Date: October 15, 2023
  • Time: 19:00
  • Location: Brussels, Belgium
  • Venue: Limberger, Clement, Csikos • Art Base

The first time, this trio worked together was when Tcha was asked to compose the music for a contemporary dance performance choreographed by Lisi Estaras. Tcha was sure that Benjamin Clement ( guitar), and Vilmos Csikos( double bass) would be a perfect match for what he intended to create and he was right. Often Tcha points out that with this trio he could play easily 8 hours of music, without repeating anything.
Vilmos Csikos, born in Budapest is a fabulous double bass player. His sound both with the bow and with pizzicato is unmatched. He has played with the greats of the Hungarian gipsy music sutch as Jaroka Sandor, Boross Lajos, Robi Lakatos etc etc. He also participated in projects such as Tcha Limberger’s Budapest Gipsy Orchestra, I Silenti and many more.

Benjamin Clement from Brussels is a guitar player with a vast repertoire and a large range of styles, such as Django Reinhardt’s music, Greek, Bulgarian, Romanian, Transylvanian traditional music etc. He can plays in the Tatavla trio (Tcha’s Greek formation), Renaud Dardenne Trio, Danube Express and many other bands.

The trio proposes two different programs. In the first, Tcha concentrates on the songs and instrumental music that Manouche play, other then Django Reinhardt’s music. That includes a lot of Tcha Limberger’s family repertoire and he tells a lot of anecdotes and funny stories that go with the songs.
The other program consists, as Tcha puts it, of all the things that he can manage with this trio. Magyar nóta Hungarian, musica làutareasca Romanian, Transylvanian, Serbian, Manouch and even Greec songs sometimes. And of course, a good old Swing tune can find its way in there as well.
Tcha always finds his way to tell interesting stories and make the public feel a part of what is happening on stage, so it travels with him to all the places that are so dear to him.