Tcha Limberger


I Silenti

Isilenti album cover

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  • Label: Outhere
  • Release: 05 Apr, 2021
  • Catalog No: OUT665

I Silenti is the poetic expression of those who have been reduced to silence, of those with no voice, of all that has disappeared over time, of blank pages of unwritten letters … it is a catalyst for other purposes, for healing,for regeneration and for beauty.
Lisaboa Houbrechts

The project was built around the gipsy singer and multi-instrumentalist Tcha Limberger. He is the incarnation of a musical and literary nomadism that extends to the timeless and geographical depths of oral transmission. His blindness from birth has protected him from the non-essentiality of outer appearance and allowed him always to remain connected to what is essential. His miraculous voice creates songs of wonderful intensity, his violin quivers with the most transcendental melodies. He is not just a universal figure; he is also fully at one with his own people, the Rom. His sublime gift, like his blindness, is perhaps not unrelated to the traumas that his people have experienced: the ‘forgotten Holocaust’ and the polite conventions that had kept their words unsaid.

Fabrizio Cassol took passages from Monteverdi’s madrigals that he then shaped to use as his working material; these are principally concerned with love and war and give a deep expression to the human drama, to its passions and joys. Music is rooted in words and their meanings : this lies at the heart of the new genre of polyphonic works that Monteverdi created for the opera. It is also highly likely that he drew from the oral traditions of the Mediterranean; these same traditions provide inspiration for Tcha Limberger today. One significant element of Cassol’s work is the search for the original popular basis of the madrigal, given that this was at odds with the formal structures imposed by the Church of the time.

Tcha Limberger: vocals and violin
Claron McFadden: soprano
Nicola Wemyss: mezzo
Jonatan Alvarado: tenor
Philippe Thuriot : accordion
Vilmos Csikos: double bass
Simon Leleux: percussions
Georgi Dobrev: kaval