Tcha Limberger


Tcha Limberger Trio

Tcha Limberger – violin, vocals
Dave Kelbie – guitar
Sebastien Girardot – Double Bass

The quest for groove and swing, a full-bodied sound, and a passion for old style American jazz combined with an irresistible urge to play it brought this trio together.

Driving along long roads in the UK, Dave Kelbie showed me many recordings of Artie shaw, Jimmy Noone, Louis Armstrong and the big bands, etc etc. These awoke in me the understanding that what I was missing in manouche jazz performers of today is the search for swing before anything else.
There’s no better rhythm section in the business to explore this with than Dave Kelbie and Sebastien Girardot. masters of sound and groove in this style.
Naturally, with my background, the occasional Manouche song or Django tune cannot be left out of a concert of this trio can it now!


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