Tcha Limberger


WORKSHOP • De Centrale

  • Date: November 25, 2022
  • Time: 13:00
  • Location: Gent, Belgium
  • Venue: WORKSHOP • De Centrale

Tcha Limberger is the son of guitarist Vivi Limberger (Waso Quartet) and grandson of violinist Piotto Limberger, both well-known figures in gypsy jazz. The multi-instrumentalist does not only focus on manouche jazz, but has already mastered a lot of other musical styles, as evidenced by the large number of projects in which he has worked so far. Meanwhile world renowned among the connoisseurs of just about every balkan style & gypsy jazz, he is an unstoppable force in the world of world, folk and jazz music.

“You’ve probably noticed when you listen to Romanian music. Quite a few unusual modes are often used. In general, I mainly work by learning specific pieces of music, which then naturally represent one of these keys.

During this workshop I want to talk about these modes/keys, where they come from and how one can possibly use them for improvisation. There is very little improvisation in Romanian music, so that’s a bit outside the tradition, but it’s very interesting nonetheless.

We will also look at some of the ornaments or embellishments that this music is full of and finally we will also look at some chord progressions that are common in Romanian music…

In short, it will be an exciting workshop … see you then!”