Tcha Limberger


Vivi Limberger Sextet – Brosella

  • Date: July 7, 2018
  • Time: 17:45
  • Location: Brussels, Belgium
  • Venue: Vivi Limberger Sextet - Brosella

Tcha Limberger • Carte Blanche

Carte Blanche ‘Vivi’s Songs’
Musical centipede Tcha Limberger is at least as well-known abroad as in his own country. Just a few examples of the versatile talents of this Brussels musician: he was allowed to play solo-violin and represent Hungary at the opening of the world music fair Womex in Budapest and performed last year at the London Royal Albert Hall with his Hungarian trio, but he also runs a Greek trio, assists jazz trio Aka Moon, plays Monteverdi in the dance performance VSPRS by Les Ballet C. de la B. or swing with Les Violons de Bruxelles, …

During this carte blanche concert, Tcha returns to the music of his youth, which he learned from his father Vivi Limberger. Along with Koen De Cauter, Fapy Lafertin and his brothers, the Piottos, father Vivi impressed with great rhythm guitar playing in the style of the accompanists of Django Reinhardt, but especially with his warm voice. Vivi Mimberger is regarded as one of the unique interpreters of the songs of the Manouche-Roma from Western Europe – in their own variant of the Romanes language. Vivi hasn’t performed on stage for a few years now, but he will be back in the spotlight during this concert. It also happens to be the 20th anniversary of the release of Tcha’s debut album on violin, recorded with Koen and Dajo De Cauter and father Vivi. Tcha says: “The way I like to play these songs has become more specific to me. That’s the reason why I’ve selected these musicians, who have known me for years. We feel each other perfectly, although we have never worked together in this line up.”

In addition to Vivi and his regular comrades Renaud Dardenne, Benjamin Clement and Vilmos Csikos, Tcha invited the astonishing classical violinist Liana Gourdjia who is not only an outstanding classical soloist, but also performs amazing solos in the Gypsy Jazz style.

Tcha Limberger – violin, guitar, vocals
Vilmos Csikos – double bass
Renaud Dardenne – guitar
Benjamin Clement – guitar
Liana Gourdjia – violin
Vivi Limberger – guitar, vocals