Tcha Limberger


Association Culture del Mondo presents ‘Accordi di Pace’ – (Chords for Peace)

  • Date: April 8, 2016
  • Time: 20:00
  • Location: Rome, Italy
  • Venue: Cappella Orsini, via di Grotta Pinta 21, in Campo di Fiori, Rome

The Associazione Culture Del Mondo is pleased to present the second concert of our “Chords of Peace//Accordi di Pace” series on Friday 8th of April 2016, 19.00 hrs, at the Cappella Orsini, via di Grotta Pinta 21, in Campo di Fiori, Rome.

From January till May 2016, our concerts will bring together musicians and music from lands torn apart by conflict, in which the peaceful coexistence of its peoples faces many daunting obstacles. Our aim is to envision a world where through music, it is possible to dream of “chords of peace”, where music has the power to create peace. For our audience, the dialogue between notes, scales and harmony will be a new way to reflect on the subject of peace and reach a greater awareness of our common humanity.

Our concert on Friday 8th of April will bring together for the first time NANDO CITARELLA, a renowned musician and singer from Italy specializing in traditional Italian and Mediterranean folk music, and TCHA LIMBERGER, a famous Rom Manouche musician and singer from Belgium, specializing in manouche and folk music of the Carpathian Basin.

Reservations for the concert must be booked in advance. A donation of €15 is suggested, to enable us to cover the food and musicians’ expenses. An aperitivo with organic food and wines will be held before the concert.

To book, email us by 08/04/2016 at

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Guitarist, violinist, composer, singer and expert player of several musical instruments, Tcha is one of the few world-class musicians to be accepted and respected in a musical genre that is not culturally his own. His international performances with his Transylvania Kalotaszeg Trio and Budapest Gypsy Orchestra and his approach to teaching almost-forgotten music traditions have made him one of the most important figures of the folk music from the Pannonian Plain (Hungary). This has earned Tcha unprecedented praise throughout the world, from professionals and audiences alike. Critics have widely acclaimed him as being “fully made of music” and the “polymath king of gypsy music”, while his fellow musicians speak of him as “the fifth element”.
Nando Citarella is a musician, actor and scholar of Mediterranean folk, theatre and musical traditions. He has studied and collaborated with several renowned artists, including Eduardo de Filippo, Dario Fo, Lindsay Kemp, Roberto de Simone and Ugo Gregoretti.
Since 1979, he works with Lydia Biondi’s Compagnia MTM, and since 1986 with RAI; viewers may recall his regular performances on Luna Park, Pippo Baudo’s immensely popular TV show.
In 1994, Nando founded the Tamburi del Vesuvio, a Neapolitan folk music group.
In 2003, Nando’s research on Southern Italy’s traditional music and folk dramatic art earned him the title of Honorary Member of the Albo degli Scrittori e degli Artisti Italiani ed Europei from the Commissione Nazionale Italiana per l’UNESCO.