Tcha Limberger

Tcha Limberger

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All material: Tcha Limberger

All production: Joanna Gardner

Everything Tcha has to say about playing Django’s music, in one place!

If you were to consider taking a lesson with Tcha, then look no further. This is a comprehensive guide to what he considers the main principles in this style of music.

After taking lessons with Tcha, Joanna was inspired to ask him to collaborate and produce a book outlining his thoughts and ideas around playing Django music. Originally aimed at violinists, the book soon expanded to include sections for rhythm section, guitar, double bass and all melodic instruments. 

The book includes all the ideas that Tcha returns to in his lessons, like how to approach a new tune and nice ways into the music. There are lots of exercises and pointers towards melodic ideas and ways to think about the music as a whole (for example: playing together as a band; the role of each instrument) and also instrument specific exercises. There are also lots of transcriptions (including tab for guitar) of some of Tcha’s solos and for all his explanations which also have an audio example. The book comes with a download link for over 100 audio examples.

The book starts with a short biography so that you can learn more about Tcha’s life and understand where he is coming from.

If you’re interested in hearing more about the book, listen to Matt Holborn’s interview with Joanna last year on his Jazz Violin Podcast on podbean:

If you would like to buy the book send an email to for more info about bank details to do a bank transfer.

The cost is 30 euros for the book + shipping which is 10 euros in Europe and 16 euros worldwide. If you want to pay by PayPal then it is slightly more expensive to cover PayPal fees (with Paypal it’s 41.50 euros to Europe and 48 euros worldwide.)

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