Tcha Limberger


Limberger – Clement – Csikos

Tcha Limberger – violon
Benjamin Clement – guitar
Vilmos Csikos – Doublebass

A trio that started life as the accompanying trio for the contemporary dance performance Patchagonia, made for les ballets C de la B and with music composed by Tcha Limberger.

On tour with Patchagonia, the trio discovered a shared love of repertoire.
Jazz, Manouche songs of western Europe and Gypsy songs from all over Europe. From central and eastern Europe some musica Lautareasca from Roumania, instrumental versions of Russian songs, Magyar nota and Transylvanian repertoire (mostly from the region of Mures taught to us by celebrated violinist Marcel Ramba),
Normally for a concert, mostly one theme is chosen.


Benjamin Clement was born in Brussels in 1975, he began to learn to play the guitar as a teenager under the influence of his father, a guitar player himself.
His first interests were rock, blues and jazz. Later, he discovered the Django Reinhardt style of jazz, and while playing amongst these musicians he met Tcha Limberger. Aside from the jazz, they both shared a big interest for East European and Balkan music that Benjamin had discovered while playing in Brussels with Hungarian, Romanian and Bulgarian musicians.

He first started to play Greek music and discovered the Rebetiko with singer bouzouki and guitar player Andreas Doussis. More recently he met Greek accordion player Dimos Vougioukas who at the time had recently settled in Brussels with whom he formed the Trio Tatavla alongside Tcha Limberger.

He has played guitar duets and trios with Dominique Piérard from 1996 to 2006 and with the Christophe Astolfi quartet featuring Alexandre Tripodi from 2001 to 2003. Recently he is playing with the Koweit Reinhardt quartet, and with Renaud Crols and Renaud Dardenne in various musician combinations.

He is the first call guitarist with Roby Lakatos, accordionist Aurel  Budisteanu, cimbalom player Costel Ursulet and played in the band Zongora feat amazing Bulgarian clarinet player Mladen Mladenov and drummer Niki Alexandrov. With violin master Marcel Rîmba Clement has become a master accompanist in the music of Transylvanian.

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