Tcha Limberger


AKA Balkan Moon

Fabrizio Cassol – saxophone
Stéphane Galland – drums
Michel Hatzigeorgiou – bass
Tcha Limberger – violin vocal
Fabian Fiorini – piano
Nedyalko Nedyalkov – kaval
Tima Nedyalkov – vocal
Vladimir Karparov – saxophones
Stoyan Yankolov – tupan

Aka Moon are known for their rich and innovative sound, influenced by world music.

For ‘Aka Balkan Moon’, Aka Moon focused on the tradition of the Balkan Music.The première was in the fall of 2012, followed by a concert in Bruges on October, 5th and a double bill at Balkan Trafik Festival 2013 in Brussels.Since their debut in 1992, it has been hard to imagine the Belgian jazz scene without the original and innovative trio Aka Moon. Their refreshing approach to the jazz idiom and to ethnic musical genres such as funk and rock gives the trio a highly distinctive sound. In their richly filled career they have worked with dozens of artists from differing backgrounds in numerous projects.

Today they are once again aiming for a musical cross-pollination, this time drawing their inspiration from the gypsy tradition of the Balkans.They are expertly assisted in this by Belgian gypsy violinist and audience favourite Tcha Limberger. Together they went in search of musical fellow travellers and found them in a number of Bulgarian musicians and a stray Italian, virtuoso pianist Fabian Fiorini. In short, this concert brings us the cream of the contemporary jazz scene combined with traditional European folk music: the perfect blend!

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Aka Moon are one of Belgium’s finest combos, and are now almost qualifying as veterans, having been together since 1992. The saxophone-bass-drums trio cram their all into a 75 minute set, negotiating tightly formed unison themes in an electrified hard funk mode that’s reminiscent of Prime Time and Five Element

Aka Moon is the European response to Fly in the competition for best trio in the world

We are in the fourth dimension. The musicians are coming from an other planet

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