Tcha Limberger


Tcha Limberger and Friends • La Laiterie, Parc Josaphat

  • Date: May 14, 2023
  • Time: 16:00
  • Location: Schaerbeek, Belgium
  • Venue: Tcha Limberger and Friends • La Laiterie, Parc Josaphat

Parc Josaphat, 1030 Schaerbeek, Belgium

Join us for an unforgettable Sunday of jazz manouche at the Park Josaphat featuring the incredible talents of Tcha Limberger, and his friends; Renaud Dardenne, and Benjamin Clement! These three musicians are true masters of the genre and their passion for this unique is evident in every note they play.
Limberger was born into a renowned Belgian family of manouche musicians. He grew up in the world of the gypsy swing style of Django Reinhardt and over the years has collaborated with many of its leading performers. His eclectic musical tastes, interests, and passions were formed from early childhood with his first solo concerts singing Flamenco whilst accompanying himself on guitar at aged just eight. He has had an ongoing fascination and love for traditional music from the world over, for a long while leading a band of Belgian musicians playing music from Aimara, and the Quechua Indians of Bolivia. He studied modern classical composition alongside Belgian composer Dick Vanderharst. Two current projects include ‘I Silenti’, a collaboration with Fabrizio Cassol, and his much-celebrated all-string swing band Les Violons de Bruxelles. Tcha Limberger studied the music of Kalotaszeg with his mentor the legendary Neti Sandor, and the Magyar Nota style of Budapest with celebrated primas Horvat Bela. Until now though his performances with the Budapest Orchestra have earned him the most notoriety, receiving from The Sunday Times the accolade ‘The Polymath virtuoso Tcha Limberger is the king of gypsy music!’.
Renaud Dardenne is a highly acclaimed guitarist who has been a staple in the jazz manouche scene for over two decades. He has played with some of the biggest names in the genre and is known for his incredible fingerstyle technique and ability to create intricate arrangements on the fly.
Benjamin Clement is a versatile musician who excels in guitar. He has studied with some of the greats of the jazz manouche world, including Fapy Lafertin and Tcha Limberger. He has developed a unique style that blends traditional and modern elements.
Both bring a deep, rich, full range of boundary-pusher manouche approach to the group’s music as being 3 great masters of the genre who played together for a very long time in various projects and occasions.
So mark your calendars and invite your friends – this is one event you won’t want to miss!
See you in La Laiterie on the 14th of May (Sunday) at 16.00!
Tcha Limberger – Violin, Guitar, Vocal
Renaud Dardenne – Guitar
Benjamin Clement – Guitar