Tcha Limberger


Budapest Gypsy Orchestra • Artbase

  • Date: May 18, 2024
  • Time: 20:00
  • Location: Brussels, Belgium
  • Venue: Budapest Gypsy Orchestra • Artbase


Tcha’s trio of Budapest musicians causes a sensation, with bursts of
soaring musical tragedy and czardas madness delivered with an astounding
purity of sound and hardly imaginable depth of musical dialogue.
In true Budapest gypsy style they switch between soaring intensity and
smouldering pathos delivering a passion and technical virtuosity that

MAGYAR NÓTA is music actually composed by the Hungarian nobility, to
liven up their noble feasts and parties. They were looking in the 19th
century for Hungarian music, that had to be less primitive than the
traditional Hungarian music, which was only played by the illiterate
So they invented a new style, based on elements of Hungarian folk music,
both textual and melodic-harmonic, all played with a classical Western
European sound.

They hired gypsy musicians to come and live with them at the castles,
where they should learn to play violin, double bass, clarinet and
cimbalom in a classical way. Then they should make the new repertoire
into one of the most highly regarded forms of popular music.

‘I myself started to learn that style because the Sinti, Gypsies from
western Europe, including my own family, very much look up to, and love,
this Hungarian music.
Manouche and Sinti used to copy that style, but without the necessary
know-how and especially without the Hungarian language, which one needs
very much to be able to interpret that style well.
This is why I started to learn Hungarian at the age of 20 and spent a
year and a half in Budapest to master this music.
I then founded the Tcha Limberger’s Budapest Orchestra.
For this concert we speak of the Budapest Ensemble, since it consists of
not more than three musicians.
This music continues to fascinate me deeply.’