Tcha Limberger


CD REVIEW – Budapest Gypsy Orchestra – London Evening Standard

12.06.2015 – Budapest Gypsy Orchestra – fekete ejszaka borulj a világra

‘Tcha Limberger is a magnificent violinist. Born in Belgium into the Django Reinhardt style of Gypsy swing, he’s become one of the most admired players of what the Hungarians call Magyar Nota – the urban style that used to be popular in Budapest restaurants.
The music has rather declined in popularity in recent years, but Limberger makes a brilliant case for it here. He’s assembled a fine band, including rippling cimbalom, played by Istvan Feher, and the brilliant Csaba Lukacs on clarinet. They both get solo moments. Yes the tone is romantic with swooning glissandos and quivering vibratos, but Limberger plays it with confidence and no trace of kitsch. The opening track is a homage to Bela Racz, one of the great Gypsy violin masters. The chamber-like Sad Sound of the Wind really highlights the integrity of Limberger’s style.
Sometimes it takes an outsider to see beyond the stereotypes and Limberger pays fine homage to Budapest’s rich Gypsy heritage..’


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