Tcha Limberger


Mediterranean Quartet

Matia Levréro / Tcha Limberger “Mediterranean Quartet”

Matia Levréro : guitar
Tcha Limberger : violin/voice
Guilhem Verger : accordion/saxophone
Simon Leleux : percussion

It is at a train station that guitarist and composer Matia Levréro met one of his acquaintances, musician Tcha Limberger.

Since this meeting two years previously, from Brussels to Transylvania, via the south of France, Matia and Tcha have met regularly to share moments of music and life. Together, they play their compositions, tinged with Balkan music, exchanges of traditional Greek, Turkish and Romanian music, but also on jazz, improvisation…

In no time, a musical colour appeared inspiring both to form a band around a form of jazz with roots in the Mediterranean… Two very individual musicians joined the duo, the saxophonist and accordionist Guilhem Verger, Matia’s true “soul brother”, and Belgian percussionist Simon Leleux, student of the Turkish master, and friend of Tcha, Misirli Ahmet.

The group met several times, in Brussels and Montpellier, and performed the first concerts in 2017.

Today the quartet devotes itself to new compositions, constantly strengthening a concert programme based around Mediterranean modes and rhythms.

Guitarist, composer, is an artist open to the world; without preconceived ideas, he just follows his emotions…
He refined his musical style through his stage encounters, mixing jazz, Mediterranean and Balkan music, with renowned musicians such as Julien Lourau, Tcha Limberger, Fabrizio Cassol …
We were able to discover him on stage with Free River (with the Central African singer Emma Lamadji), les ânes de Palinkov (jazz/Balkans), the Melquiades Quartet (withJulien Lourau) or le grand ensemble Koa.

A multi-instrumentalist (accordion, saxophone) with a passion for improvisation, jazz, but also for classical music, traditional music from south of France, Guilhem has an international career (Europe, Mexico, China, Maghreb)
He played with Daniel Humair, Riccardo Del Fra, Jozef Dumoulin, John Thicaï, Roy Hargrove, Harmen Fraanje, Glenn Ferris and others…
“I like to meet more and more in various artistic fields (improvised music, written music, theatre, dance, storytelling, poetry, circus…) and I fundamentally believe in mixing as a pledge of beauty.”

Specializing in Arab and Middle Eastern percussions, Simon Leleux begins music with the Darbuka. This instrument is at the origin of his interest in a number of percussions, including the tombak, the Indian Tablas, the “framedrums”, the cajon…
Trained with masters such as Zohar Fresco, Ahmet Misirli, Pedram Khavarzamini, Madjid Khaladj, Niti Ranjan Biswas, Azzedine Jazouli, he focuses since 2015 on the study of doholla with the master at the origin of many innovations on this instrument: Levent Yildirim.

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Booking : Gaspard Rojo : / (0033) 6 15 04 39 20

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