Tcha Limberger


Limberger Family

Vivi Limberger – guitar/voice
Tcha Limberger – violin/voice
Csikos Vilmos – doublebass

A split from the family orchestra De Piotto’s, this trio plays the Manouche based family repertoire passed down from Tcha’s grandfather Piotto. Piotto played some operettas, some Hungarian and Russian melodies, but this trio focuses on the small repertoire of manouche songs Tcha’s father used to sing, some of whose origins are unknown, and some occasional Django-like tunes.
Vivi Limberger played first with his Father Piotto, and then for 13 years in the different formations of Waso jazz quartet. First with Fapy Lafertin and Michel Verstraeten, then Bill Greenow, Jo Vanhoute, and Joop Ayal.


One cannot avoid Django if one does not want to be a purist of dead music but I try to reconstruct what the Manouche might have played before Django.

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