Tcha Limberger


Limberger – Clement – Csikos

Tcha Limberger – violon
Benjamin Clement – guitar
Vilmos Csikos – Doublebass

A trio that started life as the accompanying trio for the contemporary dance performance Patchagonia, made for les ballets C de la B and with music composed by Tcha Limberger.

On tour with Patchagonia, the trio discovered a shared love of repertoire.
Jazz, Manouche songs of western Europe and Gypsy songs from all over Europe. From central and eastern Europe some musica Lautareasca from Roumania, instrumental versions of Russian songs, Magyar nota and Transylvanian repertoire (mostly from the region of Mures taught to us by celebrated violinist Marcel Ramba),
Normally for a concert, mostly one theme is chosen.

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